About Us

Consisting of a group of experienced hospitality professionals, travel agents, and event coordinators educated and seasoned in the world’s finest resorts and hotels, the Menashe Properties Concierge service team understands and appreciates that when our current or prospective clients are making that all-important decision of where to locate their office, building amenities become a very important consideration. The Menashe Properties Concierge Service is just another reason to make one of our buildings the home of your choice.

On a daily basis, our experienced team of concierge professionals are orchestrating the fulfillment of a variety of inquiries and service requests, ranging from setting up golf tee times, to procuring events tickets (sporting or cultural), to arranging preferred dinner reservations at the area's finest restaurants. We also offer our clients a “key-date” and appointment reminder service, wake-up call service, comprehensive travel desk, and much more!
Tel: 888.540.5936 Fax: 888.993.0600 Email: service@menasheconcierge.com